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impmonkey 11-19-2009 02:17 PM

Odd File Issues
I am an Windows IT Admin that has one whole mac in the entire orginization.
Lately the user has been having some issue and I have know idea how to resolve this one.
Here is the exact IM from the user in her own words
" i created a file in indesign and saved it to the hard drive. when i went back to open the file again it was missing. i did a find and the file then appeared on the hard drive. i also have had an issue when i save files as a pdf. i save them to the desktop and they don't appear on the desktop unless i click on an icon that is already on the desktop and move it. once i move the old icon the pdf file appears on the desktop. i have yet another issue. when i am working on my pc and i save a file to the server, then try to open it on the mac from the server, it does not appear in the server folder unless in disconnect the mac from the server and reconnect. once i reconnect the mac the file is there...not sure if any of these issues are related or not but i just don't want the mac to die!!"

It is a PowerMac 6,1 and is running 10.2.8.
Thanks for any help!!

louishen 11-19-2009 02:43 PM

That's a pretty old version of OS X installed there.

You could try refreshing the installation with the combo updater (I know its already at 10.2.8 but it sometimes helps
Mac OS X Update Combo 10.2.8: Information and Download

Downloading a maintenance app like Onyx would also be a good idea. Typical OSX maintenance tasks like repairing permissions are easy to do with that app

Titanium Software (version 1.3.1 works for that OS)

It would be better to update that G3 imac to the latest version it can handle (10.4 Tiger) but Apple no longer sells that version and second hand copies can go for the (slightly overpriced) cost of around $100

impmonkey 11-20-2009 08:14 AM

Thanks will do and report back!

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