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    installing osx with wrong install disks
    Hi, I've got 2 mac mini's (a 1.33ghz and a 1.42ghz) both running Tiger 10.4.11. I'm selling the 1.33 and want to restore osx to factory settings. Trouble is the installation dvd just says 'this software will not install on this computer' when I run it. So I'm assuming it's the install disk for the other computer. Is there any way of doing this using this dvd? it's the right os version but I guess for the wrong computer, and I can't find the other install disk.

    p.s. the other computer is at my daughters so can't test on that!

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    The gray System Discs that accompany Macs from the factory are often tailored to the hardware they were sold with. Your options would be to try to get a replacement set of discs specific to that machine through Apple parts or eBay. Alternatively, you could purchase a retail version of Tiger or Leopard and do it that way.
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    Another way (not actually to factory settings, but close) is:

    Use App Cleaner or App Delete to get rid of any software that did not come with the original mac (so leave itunes, Safari etc on there, and possibly Firefox).

    Create a new Admin User called anything you like (say Owner) and give it a password (which you will give to the new owner when they buy it)

    Login as the new admin user and go to  System preferences > Accounts

    From there delete the other accounts using the option Delete home folder

    You can also use disk utility (select volume > select erase tab > press the erase free space button) to erase the freed up space.

    That's not factory settings but not far off, and ready to go to a new user
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    Ok, I'll give that a go. Thanks for the advice

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    The problem might not be that the discs are for the other Mac. You mentioned that the machines are currently running 10.4.11. If the installer disc has say 10.4.1, or anything less than 10.4.11, the install may not proceed. I think you would have to literally erase the drive and then run the installation. Otherwise louishen's suggestion is a good alternative.

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