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    Is there any way to disable 10.6 from asking me if I want to open a downloaded file?
    I went to Snow Leopard straight from Tiger, never having bothered with Regular Run-of-the-Mill Leopard. One thing that is very annoying compared to Tiger is that when I download something I am always asked if I really want to open it since it was downloaded from the internet and could therefore be evil. I understand why this is in place; to protect those who have no idea what they are downloading. But I know what I am downloading and clicking YES every time becomes annoying, even if I only have to do it once per file. Is there a way to turn this feature off completely so that no matter what I download it will just open like it did in Tiger?

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    I would love to know the answer to this as well. It's so incredibly annoying, especially since new apps, even updated ones, don't show up in Quicksilver until you open them manually click Yes.

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    With all due respect, knowing that it can be annoying, I have encountered a few times, which I was glad I was asked after a change of heart..... It is a great safeguard!
    Occasionally while something is downloading, I will do a little further research, and decide that perhaps it is not a good idea, until I research even further, and get all the pro's, and especially the con's of the download.
    For the little bit of bother that this is, do you really not want that extra "are you sure that you want to open what you have downloaded" question come up?
    I know that everyone cancels downloads occasionally in the download window, and based on that, after complete downloads, is it really such a bad thing to have this safeguard.
    It's not just in place to protect those who have "no idea", but also to protect the novice user, so to speak.
    If you find the solution, for the rare occasion that it may backfire, I hope that you don't put it in place!
    Once again, I say with all due respect, as my intention is not to belittle what you are saying in any way whatsoever, but to just point out the benefit of this feature.

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