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    Exclamation Spacebar doesn't work, not a hardware problem.
    My younger sister was messing around with the system preferences, now the keys do some strange things, but mainly the space bar doesn't work.

    I can press shift + space and then it works, and it works fine in games like Word of Warcraft, so it is not a hardware problem.

    I am looking for a way to reset all of my settings to default (without re-installing the operating system.

    So, is there any "master reset" for the system preferences?



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    First I would go to System Preferences > Keyboard and re-identify the keyboard.

    If that doesn't do it then you could delete your System Preferences plist by going to "user/Library/Preferences" and deleting

    Even better, if you are using Time Machine you could go back to just before the problem started and bring that preference file forward to replace the current one.

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    Go to System Prefs, Keyboard, then in Keyboard Shortcuts there is a Restory Defaults button.

    should fix it.

    (if not do what Rick suggests with the plist)

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    hey guys

    I am on snow, and i tried the to solutions above, but the restore thing did not work and I do not have the "" anywhere on my mac.

    any more help, pls?


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    Go to user (you), library folder, scroll down to preferences folder and open that. It should be around half way down the list.

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