At my job i use a mac pro with leopard 10.5.8. I use a lot of adobe apps and I notice that my home PC (intel q6600, 8gb, RAID10, 8800GTS) compared to my work mac (2xi7 Quad Cores, 12gb, RAID1, Nvidia GT 120?) is way faster at pretty much everything. So i opened up the activity monitor and i see that like every process takes like 30-80mb to run and the virtual memory sizes always exceeds 500mb per process. For example, the activity monitor itself take 20+mb of physical memory run. I am not sure how things are supposed to be on a mac but if my windows processes were taking up that much memory my computer would probably melt. Anyways im sure the Admins run a bunch of stuff like ARDAgent and AppleVNCServer. I want to be able to figure out what all the superfluous processes are and disable them (i dont care about what IT says, not that care if they look @ what im doing but if they run a bunch processes on my machine that make it slower and less responsive for the work that i do, i'd rather deal w/ them than a computer that doesn't work). In any case i guess those 2 processes arre the ones i want to disable first, especially ARDAgent because it seems to crash a lot anyways.

In general i need to just clean up this computer so it runs like its supposed to. Unless its supposed to be a $5000 paperweight.

thanks in advance for any help.