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Thread: Icons from menu bar disappeared

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    Nov 16, 2009
    Icons from menu bar disappeared
    Im missing the icons from the menu bar (see attachment). All started after installing the update from leopard to leopard snow. Unfortunately Im missing now all my icons like time, w-lan and Bluetooth. I tried to click / activate the respective tags from the system preferences but the tags are being automatically unclicked by the operating system.
    I rebooted my system many times, I searched for updates / fixes , I created a new user and I deleted the from user/Libary/Preferences.
    Nothing worked problem still exists.
    Next step would be to make a clean install of leopard.

    Do you have any clues or good ideas?
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    try going to system/library/coreservices/SystemUIServer and double clicking, or
    typing this command in terminal:
    open /System/Library/CoreServices/

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    I've actually had this issue before, it was a bug in an earlier version of 10.5 that only affected some people. Not having moved on to 10.6 (I own a G5) I can't say what it is exactly but I can tell you in the end I had to do an Archive and install and not update my Mac to that version of 10.5 for some time.

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