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alfogarcia 11-17-2009 05:22 PM

Software similar to DiscWarrior for a failed HD
As you can see, Im going nuts cause I still havent been able to fix my failed HD and recover my data...
So my question is: Is there any software similar to Discwarrior that I can boot in my intel macbook and get my HD going right???
Or does anybody know why is it that Im getting an error from Discwarrior when booting it???
appreciate any help..!

thunderthud 11-17-2009 06:19 PM

You can boot from the OS X system disk that came with your computer and use Disk Utility to diagnose and (possibly) repair your drive.

You need to be sure that the Disk Warrior boot disc is the one for your hardware (I'm guessing Intel).

There is a product named Data Rescue 3 for Intel based macs that is similar to DW but try Disk Utility first before spending money on DR3 and make sure your DW disc is current.

harryb2448 11-17-2009 06:42 PM

Are you booting from the DW disc, pop the CD into the drive, reboot and hold down 'C' immediately after the chimes, and release when gear wheel starts. Just leave it be to run its tests as it can take some time.

You cannot run DiskWarrior from the hard drive, you will get an error message stating cannot rebuild at it is the boot drive.

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