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    Hi, MacOSX shows a preview of my file on my desktop, with text showing on the page, does any one know how to just show the item type icon and not preview what the document looks like and what the text on the first page looks like.


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    Go to a Finder window, any window.

    Right click, then select "Show view options"

    Check the box "Show icon preview" (highlighted green)

    Then click "Use as Defaults" (highlighted in blue)


    And in reference to 6string, you must be in grid view (highlighted in red)

    Grid (red)
    List (blue)
    Columns (green)
    Coverflow (yellow)

    Thanks 6string

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    You'll need to be in grid view in finder (as in the diagram above) in order to get these view options choices!

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    Thank you very much

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