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Doug b 11-16-2009 09:42 PM

Finder & real memory resources.
What could be the cause of finder using 90 MB of real memory ? I was trying out Songbird (again) and looking at the resources it consumed, when I noticed that Finder (with no windows open) was hogging up 90 MB of real memory.

I decided to re-launch Finder then, and found that it went back to using about 11 MB. That was about 7 minutes ago, and is holding steady there. I also tried opening a slew of other finder windows to see what the consumption would be then, but I only got it up to about 34 MB that way.

So what could it be that makes Finder jump from such low to such high memory consumption ?

Edit: Just tried something and have a partial answer. Previewing files in finder really eats up memory. Unfortunately though, after the Finder window is closed, the memory consumption doesn't really go back down to where it started (around 11 MB) I just got it up to about 70 MB from the 11, and then closed the finder window. It's now at 53.7 MB being used.

Would that be considered a memory leak ?

nabl 11-17-2009 12:26 AM

It looks like you pretty much answered your question. I can verify that previewing files takes a considerable amount of memory; opening a folder of about 500 images in Cover Flow and waiting for each preview to generate nearly tripled Finder's real memory for me, from 17MB to 46MB. Closing the window only restored about 10MB. However, I wouldn't call this so much a leak as a feature; if you notice, opening the same folder again will have the previews load much quicker—if not instantaneously—which leads me to think that Finder is simply caching the previews in case you want them again. I doubt Apple would leave such a huge memory leak in the Finder (though I could be wrong, of course).

Slydude 11-17-2009 12:48 AM

I think you are right on track about why the memory does not release to its original levels. OS X is pretty smart for the most part about memory management.

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