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    mac can read commercial audio cd's info without having to connect to the internet?
    hey guys I am putting out my own cd and I just wanted to ask if anyone noticed that when you put in an audio cd in windows, it doesn't have any artist track info, unless it is connected to the internet, where it gets info from an online database.

    I noticed that with mac, even offline, the cd pops up right on my desktop with the album name, and itunes seems to know all the tracks and artist names, and even before you burn and you push get info it usually even have the composer?

    how can this be, I am putting out my own cd and all the duplicators told me all the info will come up when I enter my data into cd (gracenote) databases, but mac seems to be able to do without it?

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    iTunes connects with CDDB if you're connected to the internet when you first put in the CD. They identify your CD by lengths of the tracks and the track order.

    The duplicator can also add metadata to your CD so that track info comes up.

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    The mac remembers the CD if you've previously loaded info from it.

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