I have no idea how this happened but...

somehow the Invisible Alias(s) to all of my internal HD's (except my boot disc)
were placed in the trash.

I discovered this when I was emptying the trash and a few of the files could not be
trashed I looked at the names and they were my Internal HD volumes

Needless to say this freaked me out
so when looking inside the trash nothing was there.

Doing a terminal command I made all invisible files visible and sure enough
there is a folder in the trash entitled
inside of Volumes lives alias(s) for all of my non boot disks

to make matters worse when I go to the HD's which are still visible on my desktop
all of the files give a " cannot be opened" message

The files which are held hostage are for my Doc film I have been working on for
1.5 years.

I have tried to verify and repair the disks using both Disk Utility and Drive Genius
but they both give a " Disk cannot be unmounted" error

I have not restarted the computer (as I am afraid)
and I don't know what to do

it would appear that the info is there
just help hostage...
Please advise

I have attached a couple of links to snaps so you can see what I mean.



any info is welcome