Hello. I have a lab of 26 mixed Macs. One of the machines is OS10 only...all the rest are able to boot 9 or 10...and I have them booting 9. In fact, I have been staying away from buying any new machines because of not knowing what to do with the fact that the machines will NOT boot into OS9. But I need three new machines for sure...and should soon beable to get the whole lab replaced. The reason I have been avoiding the OS10 is for one simple reason...I can't get my student stations configured correctly. I have spent a lot of time on this, researched it, posted the question to the Mac Server Mailing List, and still I can not get the machines to present the user with a log in interface.

Anybody have any suggestions for a no-brainer solution on how to set up my OS 10 stations to present my users with a list from the Workgroup Manager user list?

Thanks for the help!