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    Snow Leopard Final Cut Problems
    Hi everyone...

    May somebody can help me. I recently bought a new Mac Pro. I also bought Final Cut Studio 7.0. The Mac is a 8 Core with 12 GB Ram. (2*2.26 GHz Quad Intel Xenon) Im using 4 1TB Samsung Spin Points 7200rpm in it.

    Now the problem: When I run FinalCut, everything seems fine. For about 15 minutes or something. Then Final Cut does not respond any more. Also Finder does not respond. Im able to force quit final cut, but the finder does not relaunch. I just got the error: 10810, Finder cannot open or something.

    The only thing i can do then is to shut down or restart the mac. Then everything seems fine, still I start up final cut. Then the same thing goes on.

    Im a bit f..d up cause everything is new and costs a lot of money... Have anyone a clue about this? Is it because of the samsung internals? I am also using a mbox 2 mini. Could there be a problem? I installed final cut a secound time, as the error still was there, i totally erased and installed mac osx new. Nothing helped...

    Thank you so much for your help!



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    detect problem
    he guys,

    an hour after my post I detected the problem myself: somehow it was the mbox - hopefully. I deinstalled all the pro tools stuff and plugged off the mbox. Now final cut is running, at least for one hour.

    Before, I thought it is just the hardware of the mbox, i plugged it off, but the problem still was there. Somehow it is pro tools and the box in combination.

    At the digidesign webpage I found out, that my version of pro tools (3.0) is needed for my mbox, but that snow leopard does not support earlier versions of protools than 3.3. Has anyone a clue?

    Perfectly, solution of one problem leads me directly into a new problem, and a new post...


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