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    mid-2009 aluminum uni-body, Intel 2.66Ghz, 4GB Ram, 320GB HD
    Windows Live Sync is preventing Automatic Sleep
    My Macbook Pro will not longer go to sleep automatically, when Windows Live Sync (WLS) is enabled. It sleeps fine if I choose sleep or shut the lid, but not based on the energy preferences. The screen dims, or turns off right on queue (I understand the difference between, display sleep and system sleep). I determined the issue is WLS. With WLS disabled the machine sleeps fine, but not with WLS enabled.
    Using FS_usage in terminal, only logging filesystem writes, I see that windows live sync is writing to the disk every few seconds, continuously.
    Even though no files have been changed, and no activity is displayed in the
    WLS "activity" monitor.
    While watching the fs_usage log, I then Quit WLS, the WLS writing stops,
    no other writing (since everything else is shut down), and then the machine
    sleeps according to the sleep preferences.
    This bug is 100% reproducible. I have enabled and disabled Live Sync in combination with other programs, Bluetooth on/off, sharing on/off, etc. Everytime the same, no automatic sleep when WLS is enabled. Sleeps correctly when WLS is disabled.
    I need WLS to keep my multiple computers in Sync, its a great program. I
    just need to figure this bug out.
    Could someone else check their fs_usage and see if window live sync is making excessive activity. I used this terminal command to monitor filesystem writes: sudo fs_usage -e -f filesystem|grep -v CACHE_HIT|grep -v grep|grep write


    mid-2009 aluminum uni-body, Intel 2.66Ghz, 4GB Ram, 320GB HD
    Snow Leopard 10.6.2 (Clean install to 10.6, then upgraded)
    Login items: Steermouse, and WLS
    Also running at startup, but not in Login items: Paragon NTFS, Flip4Mac,
    MacFuse, LogMeIn

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    Have you gotten the latest release of WLC? (now supports Snow Leopard)


    Not sure if it'll help out with the "hits" on the HDD, but might be worth a try if you haven't already updated.


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