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Thread: Finder crashes (beachball) upon login

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    Finder crashes (beachball) upon login

    I will make this as easy to diagnose as possible.

    I am running OSX 10.6.2 on a 2.66ghz Intel core 2 duo, 2 gb ram IMAC.

    I use this computer at work, it is my personal mac. On monday, it worked fine at work, and after work I decided to take it home to do some side work. I started it up at home, and this is when my problem started. I have had absolutely no other trouble with my mac until monday.

    Upon login, finder froze, showing my desktop image, the spinning beachball in the upper left-hand corner, and just the magnifying glass in the upper right, no search field.

    I have been running in safe mode, running onyx, yasu, and running applejack AUTO in single-user mode, as well as updating to the OS X 10.6.2 combined. So far, the only changes are that my desktop icons now appear, the finder menu bar on top appears, everything looks normal, until I click anywhere on the screen, the beachball reappears. I cannot restart or shut down through the OS, I always have to do a hard shut down. Safe mode allows shut down and restart via menus, but I cannot do my job in this mode.

    I am at wit's end so to speak, Im just not sure what else to do.

    No time machine or carbon copy, unfortunately. ANy ideas?

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    Try some of the suggestions here:
    Posting and YOU|Forum Community Guidelines|The Apple Product Cycle|Forum Courtesy

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    Thanks for the advice. Looks like single user mode > /sbin/fsck -fy did the trick, if not deleting safari's .plist file. I think I pinpointed the problem: an installation of glims (safari plugin) hanging finder up. I will be sure to be more careful in the future. Picked up a 640gb ext hd for 64.99 from best buy at lunch, plan on using time machine as well.

    By the way, what is the most effective method for uninstalling unwanted applications?

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    With any application that comes with it's own uninstaller, that is the best way to go, otherwise, you could use AppCleaner or AppZapper, which will find residual items.... however, when using these kinds of uninstalling software, you have to be vigilant in identifying any items that it selects that may not be safe to delete, which does occur from time to time.
    The safest way to uninstall apps that don't come with their own uninstaller, is to just simply drag to the trash and delete, which is absolutely fine with macs.
    You can always go through the directories and pinpoint items that may have been left behind after deleting any apps, but 99.9% of the time, there is really no need to worry unless an app has been causing the system to play up.
    Another option which I like to do, is to have before and after backups for any major changes to my system, as well as regular backups (ideally on separate ext HDs, but you can also partition the ext HD if the need be for this).

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    OK, sounds good, thanks for the advice.

    Man, looks like I've found a home for apple discussion!

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