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    Exclamation MacBook won't recognise Mustek Scanner
    Hi All

    Not sure if this is the right the place for this question or not but maybe someone can help anyway....

    I just got an A3 Mustek Scanner- USB 600Pro model, and my MacBook won't recognise it. I have followed all the install instructions but can't get it to work.

    If I open Photoshop (CS3), it shows the scanner as an option under the import function but as soon as I select it as an import option, Photoshop 'unexpectedly quits'.

    I tested it with a PC and it works fine.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? This is driving me nuts.


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    Sounds like buggy driver software

    to see if the scanner will work at all, download the free trial of VueScan
    VueScan Scanning Software

    If that can see the scanner but the supplied software doesn't - then its definitely badly written drivers
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    Does the packaging state that it works with macs? Some are PC only.

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    Thanks. The scanner does say it is compatible with Mac OSX and they have driver updates on the website as well as on the install disk.

    I tried the VueScan trial but that also can't seem to recognise it and just tells me I do not have any scanner attached. Does that suggest that the driver is fine and that it is another problem?

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    OK- I finally got a response from Mustek who have told me it is because I have OSX 10.6 and they have not updated that driver yet- could be weeks- could be months!
    Bugger is all I can say!

    Thanks very much for all your help though.

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