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    Unhappy Boot Camp and Partitioning problem
    Hey all, i use Snow Leopard 10.6.1 and i had to install Windows, i installed and removed VMFusion or whatever the name was, but the icon on the try is still there and when i tried Boot Camp to make a Window partition, whenever it reaches the half it gives me the same exact msg (following screenshot).
    I tried the Disk Utility more than once, verified and repaired, it says "you're disk appears to be working properly".

    Can anybody PLEASE help me? do i have to back everything up and format? it's a very new MacBook, still so early for a format

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    How comfortable are you opening a terminal window and using the command line? Anytime you are messing with partitions it's a good idea to backup.

    I would start by opening a terminal and running "diskutil list" to get the partition order and types on your problem disk. Paste the output from "diskutil list" then if all looks okay you can try and merge the partitions using diskutil from the command-line. Don't try it with the command I demonstrated, if your partition order is different, you will lose your data.

    List partitions:
    diskutil list
    Merge partitions 2 and 3 keeping partition 2 intact if file system is HPS+
    sudo diskutil mergePartitions disk0s2 disk0s3
    The other option is use something like a gparted CD to boot your system but that's pretty advanced and could mess up your system if you don't know your way around disk partiioning, MBR and EFI.

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    Nov 08, 2009
    AMM - Jordan
    MacBook Pro 13"
    Ok, i maybe didn't mention that i'm a new mac user here's the Terminal's output for my disk listing:
    0: GUID_partition_scheme *160.0 GB disk0
    1: EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1
    2: Apple_HFS Sasha Fierce HD 159.7 GB disk0s2

    Now i don't understand what does all of this mean, or what should i do next quite embarrassing, i know!

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