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Thread: Setting Screensaver to iTunes Visualizer?

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    Setting Screensaver to iTunes Visualizer?
    Hey guys,

    I personally love the iTunes visualizers, and I am wondering if it is possible to set my screensaver to the iTunes visualizer instead of the default ones that comes along with it in System Preferences? Thanks!

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    If you have mac os x leopard and maybe snow leopard (I wouldn't see why not but I don't own it so I don't know) and developer tools you can move the .qtz file from itunes into library/screen savers.

    Now this is the part where you developer tools come in to play.

    1. open the .qtz file with Quartz Composer then in the Editor menu select "Edit Protocol Conformance"

    2. In the new window that shows up select the screen saver option and save the file.
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