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    Deleted account - Any way to recover?
    I am kinda new to OS X and well I'm having a huge problem. I was deleting another user on my mac well I did. I restarted it a little later and to my surprise everything on my account except my programs were gone! I had tons of photos, movies and over 4gb of music now all gone. There has to be some way to recover my lost data, please some one help!

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    Normally when you deleted a user id in unix, the user account home directory/folder is not removed. Unless you tell it to. I have not created or removed an account in OS X.

    But you can look in your users folder to see if the deleted user's home folder still exist.

    If it does, you might have to adjust the permissions to be able to use the data.
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    In OS X a deleted users home directory might be moved to the /Users/Deleted Users/ directory. It depends on the options seleted at the time of deletion.

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