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    Is there a way to access folders on your mac through a PC?
    Hey guys,

    I have a mac and a PC on the same network. My PC is the main computer connected to the router and the mac is connected via ethernet upstairs. I have my main PC files such as photos, music, video in folders on sharing mode and I am able to access these share folders through the mac. Now I want to do the opposite, to be able to access from my PC the photos that are in iphoto on the mac. Is this possible?

    I don't want to have the rights to delete the photo, all I want to do on the PC is locate the folder on the mac's hard drive that stores your photo collection from iphoto and then be able to copy and paste the photo on to my PC's hard drive, how can this be done?

    Any help much appreciated

    Many thanks in advance

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    Photos in iPhoto are kept in the iPhoto library which is a proprietary file kept by iPhoto. You can only access it (safely) through the iPhoto application. If you want your PC to have access through your LAN, then you need to export the Photos out of iPhoto and store them in ordinary folders on your hard drive.

    I think there are remote access programs out there that will let you run your Mac from your PC. The PC acting as a terminal for the Mac. Then, you could run iPhoto on the Mac, and view the Photos on your PC. But, I don't have any experience with that sort of thing. Maybe someone else here can add to this possibility.

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    Many thanks for your reply

    I found out how to access folders on your mac through a PC. But didn't know that you could not just locate the iphoto folder and browse the photos through your PC. Oh well having to transfer the files from my Mac into a sepaarate folder to view through my PC is a bit silly. But thanks for your help.

    Now if anyone else knows of another way

    I thought if there is a software that clones the iphoto interface on your PC and then allows you to gain access to exactly what you see in iphoto on your mac and just copy the photo's you want over to the PC hard drive? Isn't iphoto even available on the PC, some apple software is such as the safari browser.

    I think macdrive will do what I want I found a post date back in 2004 talking about it but some say it does what the OP wants while other say it's not possible what do you think? When it comes to these things I am a total newb, please help?

    Any help much appreciated

    Many thanks in advance

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    sorry to ask again, but does anyone have an answer to this?

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