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    .wps files - how to open?
    Someone who runs a PC with Windows is trying to send me .wps files as attachments to email. They are coming through but I can't open them with anything on my Mac (OS 10.5.8).
    Can anyone help please?
    I have asked him to turn them into pdf or rtf but he is not familiar with computers and we are not getting anywhere.
    Is there some way I can open his .wps files?
    Thanks very much!

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    May 23, 2009
    Hi again,
    Just to add that I know the file is text and only text, and I know this person well so it isn't junk mail. Also, I don't have any Word programme. I have Pages.

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    You mean people are still using MS Works?

    Grab OpenOffice. I believe it will open them.

    All he needs to do is open the file. Go to the menu, select File, then Save As, then select RTF in the drop down box.

    You can also use Zamzar. It is an online file converter. It will convert to .doc or .pdf for you.
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    Thanks for that. I don't know what he's using, but have compassion... he only began with computers at age 65 and his laptop is somewhat basic! I have had success using Zamar, but I don't want to keep doing that. I have tried to get him to convert the files to RTF but I don't think he's got the hang of it yet...

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    .wps files - how to open?
    Does this .wps indicate that he is using something that is outdated?

    He says that he sent a file .wps to someone else (who is on Windows, unlike me) who also couldn't open it at first, but they found an alternative program in the computer which would open it.


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