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    Unhappy I reset my user folder location and now cannot log in
    I was trying to re locate my user folder to a different internal HD so i could have just my OS on the boot drive to speed things up, but now i have failed epically. I cannot log in after restart.

    The message i get when i try to log in is:

    "You are unable to log into the filevault user account "Nick" at this time. Logging into the account failed because an error occured."

    Can someone please help me fix this? It would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you move the User folder away from the Mac OS X boot drive, Mac OS X won't be able to find it, therefore, it explains why you cannot log in. It appears that you will have to reinstall Mac OS X from scratch, hopefully you backed everything up.
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    i copied all my user folders over to another internal drive earlier today. so how do i go about doing a clean install back onto my boot drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhood View Post
    i copied all my user folders over to another internal drive
    I think you mean moved, correct?
    Anyway, you'll need the OS disc for your computer, or a full retail version disc. Just install it. What are your specific concerns about this?

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