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Thread: Strange Crash

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    Strange Crash
    I Just had my screen go slightly dark, dropping like a curtain.

    Then a notice came up in a few different languages that said I needed to shut my iMac down using the power button on the back of my Mac and then restart it using the power button.

    It made a report after it restarted. I made a copy of that report that I submitted if you could decipher anything from it.

    What was that? I've never had that happen before. I was just surfing the net at the time and only had Safari and Mail active, maybe Calendar.

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    That was what is known as a "kernel panic". They're usually caused by hardware problems but can also be caused by software. If it happens again, make a note of what you were doing at the time. Also be sure to open your crash log and read it. Sometimes you can get useful information as to what caused the crash.

    To check the log: Applications -> Utilities -> Highlight the "crash reporter" and read the entries.


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    This happens to me as well, and it started after I upgraded to Snow Leopard. I think it has happened three times in the past month, and all three times I was only using Safari.

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    Sometimes resetting the PRAM can help - see here

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