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    Does early order = Tiger?
    I'm wondering if Mac has done this with previous major OS upgrades: If you order a Mac a few days before a new OS release like Tiger, will you get Tiger even though you should technically get Panther?

    I'm a soon-to-be switcher who just can't wait any longer to place an order for my Mini, but I also want Tiger. If I order, say, this Monday April 25th (4 days before Tiger is released) and my estimated delivery time is 2-4 weeks, would Tiger be included?

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    It is a good chance that either the system will be preloaded with Tiger or the media maybe in the box.
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    And it's not Mac that makes Tiger, or builds the Macs, but Apple.
    brand = Apple
    product = Mac


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    Quote Originally Posted by Avalon
    And it's not Mac that makes Tiger, or builds the Macs, but Apple.
    brand = Apple
    product = Mac
    I knew this already - I must have been in a hurry or something because I wasn't thinking straight.

    Anyhow, concerning my original post, I decided to order a Mini on April 23rd after I read some Google news accounts of some people already receiving Tiger who had pre-ordered it. This got me pumped, so I thought I'd order a couple of days earlier than planned. Hope it pays off with free Tiger!

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    I ordered an iMac earlier this month which was dispatched on 8 April - before the Tiger release date was announced. I called the online store while the Mac was in transit and Apple (UK) added Tiger to my order free of charge. Due to be shipped on the 29 April.


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