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    Oct 30, 2009
    resets is itself to the previous settings and can't load anything on desktop
    Hi everyone, well I've been using Mac's since the late 80's and I've never really had any issues with them. Until I bought a used Power Mac G5.

    The issues I'm having is that it resets is itself to the previous settings. Another one is that is won't let me place anything on the desktop. Basically, I can't load anything on to it.

    Did I buy a lemon? Or is there something I can do?

    This really sucks because money is getting really tight right now.

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    Before anyone answers anything, we'll need to know what version of OS X you're running.

    It would sound like you renamed your Home folder, but that is merely a guess at this point.
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    Version 10.4.11. Hope this helps, any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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