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    Virtual box or Boot camp
    Lately I tried getting the mac version of visual studio for a project i want to work on,Unfortunately I couldn't.I now wanted to install windows on my mac,so i can run the VS.I am a little bit confused, should I run Boot camp and create a partition or use virtual box?

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    If you use Virtualbox:
    - Windows runs at the same time as OS X, in a window
    - Windows runs in "fake" hardware and cannot utilize everything in your Mac

    If you use Boot Camp:
    - Windows runs as a standalone, dedicated operating system
    - Windows has access to all of your Mac's hardware

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    If you have the space, install it on both. VBox is free as is Bootcamp. Try them for a week and then delete whichever one doesn't work well enough.
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    I'm with XJ, I say go with both.

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