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Thread: Random Crashes

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    Random Crashes
    I bought my first iMac the other day. I'm incredibly happy with the purchase. The only issue I've had is how often programs crash. I expect my Office programs to crash (it's a weird copy of the software that I got from a friend) but my internet browsers - Safari and Firefox both - crash constantly. I don't know what prompts this. It seems very random. I'll be running everything pretty normally one minute and then have a crash the next. I've been using Leopard on a MacBook for about a year and have probably seen one crash total before this. Any thoughts?

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    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    "You expect your Office programs to crash ...weird copy of the software that you got from a friend"
    Just after reading that, all I can say is do a clean install, by erasing your HD, and reinstalling off the discs that came with your iMac, and reinstalling the software that you want (not including weird, pirated, untrusted software), then if the problems occur, post back!

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    Haha, well when I said I expect them to crash I was referring to them being Microsoft products, but I'm pretty sure he gave me a mess of a product. I'll just pick up my own copy of iWork tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion anyways. I'll let you know if you I still have problems.

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