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    HSF+ case sensative or not?
    So what is your thoughts on the difference between choosing to format your drive with the case sensitive or not. I think that I prefer the case sensitive format, but I had to replace my HD and I guess originally it was not case sensitive and so it will not allow my previous time machine to continue working.

    My dilema is then to reformat my drive to be non-case sensitive and continue with my current time machine. It would allow me to restore from the previous state of my time machine, it just won't let me continue.

    Any thoughts either way?

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    You shouldn't normally use the case-sensitive format as your main startup disk.

    Also, lots of existing Mac software will be confused if you use the case-sensitive format.

    There's really no reason to use the case-sensitive format, unless

    1. You're copying large numbers of files and folders from a non-Mac computer, and some of the folders contain two separate files with names like "fileName" and "Filename", or
    2. You're a programmer and really need to be able to have "fileName", and "Filename" be separate files, or
    3. You're obsessive compulsive.

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    Nov 04, 2009
    Thanks for the response. I am not a programmer, per se, but I do a lot of programming. I am a little compulsive, but I think that I will reformat to comply with the norm and to be able to continue my existing time machine.


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