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    Question Transferring to a new Mac..
    I have a Macbook Pro now that is having issues. I just got a new one and want to transfer all my pics, music, docs, and programs.

    My question:
    How can I transfer it over so that all my photo albums stay in the right catagory, all my music is transferred with the play counter, and how to make sure all files stay intact. I do have time machine and it is backed up on there but I know it wont keep the photo albums or the playlist in my iTunes.

    Also will the bad software issues transfer over too?


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    Time machine will transfer everything, as you left your system, good and bad included.
    The best way to transfer over stuff if you are having issues with installed software is manually, which is not the easiest of tasks.
    For instance, I did a clean install, and manually moved back items from my time machine backup, and it took me a few attempts, as far as finding all the related items to all the applications that I wanted to function as I left off.... ie bookmarks and add ons for browsers, song plays counts etc for itunes, mail, and the list goes on.
    As I went to use certain applications, I still found a few items missing and had to read reports if available, or just try and locate certain things, as time consuming as it was at times.
    However, after the many many hours that I put into this, all the glitches are gone from the OS and the apps

    A clean install, followed by reinstalling all the software either from install discs, and/or fresh downloads directly from the sites is the best way to go as far quick and easy goes, and then transfering pic, documents, music, etc manually.
    After that, you can always sort through the related files on your backup that you may really want.... such as anything related to itunes to have it identical to the way you left off.

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    migration assistant will do all of this pretty seamlessly in my experience. My wifes stuff was copied over from her old machines hard drive pulled out of her dead macbook.. she rebooted after the migration and everything was identical to her old machine, including applications. Your iphoto stuff is a database that's stored under your user ID, just like iTunes. You might want to play with skipping the settings or apps.. depending on where you're having problems... but you should be able to copy the user. If you have both laptops.. you can always restore to new condition on the new one and do it again.
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    Mike and 6string, thanks for the feedback. I am going to go ahead and try it using migration assistant rather than TM.
    I will let you know. Thanks again

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    Another vote for the Migration Assisstant. It should transfer everything (or whatever you choose) to the new machine. Just connect them with a FireWire or Ethernet cable.

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