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    Borderless printing on iMac with Snow Leopard
    Try as I might I am unable to find a way of printing borderless from my iMac OSX Snow Leopard, with either my Epson Photo 220 or my Epson Photo 1400. I have tried every setting that I can see. Nothing says borderless printing, and the expansion setting (which is greyed out) is set to max.

    How does one print borderless on these machines from the iMac? I am printing from Photoshop, and even tried adding a bleed to see if that would help - still no go.

    Any ideas or solutions out there in the wide world of Mac please?

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    Do your printers actually support Bordlerless printing for the paper size you've selected? This is actually a hardware function, and the form factor won't be displayed if the driver isn't set up for it.

    For example, if I want to print a borderless 4x6 from iPhoto, I would go to print the image, then select 'paper size' and pick the borderless 4x6 option from the Paper Size selector:

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