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Thread: Identify files

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    Identify files
    While I was looking for a recently downloaded file whit a numeric name I ended up with a number of files I didn't recognize. At first I did a knee jerk reaction and dumped them into the trash bin because these files had huge file sizes and a general Google search didn't really revile much info. didn't have any data on them either.
    The file extensions are: .m3a, .m3t, .m3r.
    Some file names are: ENGLISH.m3a, DUTCH.m3a, MASSnodes.m3a
    They all begin with Caps in the file name.

    These files all seem to be "Simple Text Documents" but they take up nearly 4 GB of disc space.

    Can somebody please help?


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    I don't know about the other two, but m3a is MPEG-Audio.

    It looks to me like some kind of tutorial video's, or audio files... maybe language packs with the wrong extensions attached to them.

    Don't take my word for it directly, but I'd say, thrash the lot of 'em.
    Your post is in the wrong section by the way.
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    Yes, I was going to say that. However, *.m4a is iTunes's default audio format. Try an "open with" on each one of these weird files and see what comes up.

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    Thanks Guys - Went ahead and deleted these files without any ill effects.
    BTW - Which forum should I have posted to?

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