Can anyone help, have upgraded my MacBook Pro (6mths old) operating system to Snow Leopard a couple of days ago.:

Managed 5 or 6 sessions without any problems, then watched a DVD last night and shut down as normal.

Mac would not boot up first of all this morning, basically grey screen froze after 20 or so seconds, I powered down completely removing battery as well and switched back on still would not restart, powered down again and restarted with the Snow Leopard disk in, this time it rebooted so I reinstalled the Snow Leopard.

I am running parrallels V4 as well with XP and Microsoft Autocad 2008, Project 2008 and Visio and Adobe Professional 9. The XP side now works fine.

Office for Mac and Adobe Professional 8 for Mac will not work, programs hang when opened, system report is generating Version errors ??? (???)

Exception Codes: 0x000000000000000a, 0x00000000849781a0