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    having trouble reintsalling OS on a new hard drive
    Okay, I've had a whole string of issues since Saturday night. I have searched the internet, and found various solutions, none of which have worked.

    To start with, I have a 2006 MacBook. It's currently running no O.S, because the O.S won't install. I purchased the computer second hand, and everything had been wiped when I picked it up. Everything seemed to be in working condition, and except for the hard drive, it IS.

    Saturday night, my hard drive crashed. Went through the whole "flash folder!" situation, freaked out, and took it to Apple Sunday morning. They ran the tests and confirmed the hard drive was fried. Okay, no big deal he told me, just get yourself a new hard drive. He gave the the specifications, I went to several places, and manged to get one.

    It's the install that I'm wanting to pull my hair out with. The hard drive is in place in the computer, but the bracket that holds everything in will NOT go back on. The hard drive fits fine, but I can't get anything lined up! This isn't exactly something you can help me with, but it's adding to the frustration. I figured i would go ahead and get the hard drive set up. Here is where the issues are coming in.

    First off, it's telling me i have no destination volume. I'm trying to format the disc/volume like I keep reading, but it won't verify. It tells me I have no valid packages. I read this comes from the previous owner probably having deleted the reciepts? So . . . here's my question. How in the world am I supposed to get past this? No one I know owns a Mac, and since the computer is literally DEAD, I can't exactly forget this particular instillation and download it or something. Some things are telling me to use the install disc - I am. It's still not finding anything.

    So . . am I literally screwed? Is there anyway someone can help me out with this? Apple doesn't want to help me, because I bought the hard drive third party - but they were wanting to give me a 80GB for waaaaay more than I got the 160GB. Does this have something to do with the NEW hard drive? Is that one now messed up too?

    I'm sorry for all the questions, and I know I'm new at this. It's just incredibly frustrating.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    If the drive isn't installed physically.. how can you configure it?
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    I think you'll first have to find a way to properly build in the Harddisk using the bracket that comes with the MB.
    Then take it from there.

    If you can take it out, you can put it back as well, may be tricky... but with effort.

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    I might be too late. Do you have any hair left to pull?

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    If im reading this correctly, I think i may have had this issue before..

    Are you saying that the HD isnt being recognised in the installer as a destination? If so, then try plug the HD into an external case via USB or firewire and load from the installer DVD (hold C on boot).. hopefully the USB connection should be recognised as a destination

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