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    Question Finding Icons to replace folders!
    I know the process of downloading an icon or having already installed, then getting info, etc.

    My question is I want to figure out how to find icons online and "convert" whatever icon I see or found to use it to replace a folder. For instance, by accident, I searched for icons for bathroom, and it just said download and I did,and I was able to replace a folder with a bathtub.

    Yet, some sites I go to, they show icons or sets of icons that I'm not able to get to a format where I am able to do this. What I would prefer is free/shareware or even buy something not too expensive, that would have many icons listed by category, so if I'm looking for a "house" there would be pictures of houses that I can click on and finish. I saved some links that I thought I would be able to do just that, and can't seem to click or download on an icon to work. Would anyone have any "links" that would contain numerous "icons" ready to click on and categorized by many different subjects on one site. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    I don't know of any programs that have ready to download icons built in but I do know of a free program that can export pictures or even existing icon files to folder and .icns formats. It can be downloaded here.

    Or, if you wouldn't mind spending $29, you can download CandyBar, which allows you to change all your system & folder icons and also your dock from

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