Hello fellow Mac users,

I have a problem, couldnít find anything on the forum so I hope you can help me. I have several Macs. The G5, the 8 core, powerbook, macbook pro and the iMac. My problem only occurs when I use the iMac.

Everytime I am making a local action on my iMac, it is addressing/ consulting my two external WD hard discs. But I am not doing anything that has something to do with those 2 discs. Sometimes I just want to open up a mail, or starting up a program. The two external HDís are just for backups only.
In my recording studio I have several HDís and I donít have this problem. It only happens with my iMac. ( I have the 2008 model).
Can I adjust some preference to exclude this? It is VERY annoying and takes a lot of time when I am working all day behind my iMac.