I have a iMac (Leopard) at home and a Win PC Pro desktop. I've networked them. While I use the iMac primarily, I have needs for the PC too. I enabled file sharing on the iMac and the PC sees it okay via Public folder and Dropbox. I have thus mapped a drive letter on the PC to the iMac Public folder. I can move files to and fro between the two computers.

However, I have a folder on the iMac called Reports. I enabled Sharing for it. My PC sees it fine and I can drag files from it to put on the PC. But, when I attempt to drag a file from the PC into this folder on the iMac, I get an Access Denied error.

Any suggestions on how to make it accessible via the PC for adding files to it would be appreciated. I can work with the Public folder via the PC since that seems to let me add files to it, but would also like to have same ability with this Reports folder on the iMac.

Thank You,
Los Angeles