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    Moms imac Broke II
    Just got my mom's imac back from the Apple store where they replaced the hard drive under warrant. I did a restore from timemachine and it hung at the end restoring the network settings. No big deal she's on a cable modem so she should just be able to plug in the network cable and go. It booted up and everything appeared to be okay. One thing I wasn't prepared for was her MS Office install flipped to "test drive" mode which basically (in my experience) means it broke but good. I used the built in office uninstaller and removed it. I'm not even looking for the install media because every time I've ever dealt with this situation office is never right again. She also has Open Office installed and it works fine except for the icon it associates with files it handles. It's using the icon of a terminal with "exe". Is there a way to change that icon for all the files Open Office can open?

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    Choose any one of your Mom's Office files, R-click it, select Get Info. At the window that opens, choose Open With (select the appropriate/desired application) and then, click the button under "Use this application to .......... like this". That should change every Office file to the icon of the application you wish to use to open them.

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    Ah, thank you, that worked. Now that I look at it more closely it appears that she somehow managed to get a bunch of documents with no file extension and only those files aren't showing the right icon. As soon as I add .doc or .xls they show up properly.

    thank you for your help

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