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    mac os partition lost

    By using boot camp, I tried installing Windows XP (right version) but I think I did something wrong and my new MBP is dead. I can not see both partitions when I launch; only the partition for Windows. Probably I erased the contents of the Mac partition by doing something extremely stupid.

    I tried using my existing Tiger Install disk of my old iMac, it did not work either. Tomorrow, I will go to the office and retrieve the original Leopard (11.5.8) disks of the MBP. But I wonder whether they will work. I am so frustrated.

    Data saving is not issue. How can I sort out this problem?



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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    hold down option when you boot... it should come up with the option to boot to os x or windows. This is in the bootcamp doc.
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