Hello one and all.

I have just moved to Beijing and I am having trouble connecting to a router that has been supplied by China Unicom. My girlfriends PC wireless connects fine using: Security type: WPA-Personal / Encryption type: TKIP

When I connect on my MAC to the router using "WPA Personal "as my Wireless Security type then type in the password printed on the bottom of the router (that works fine for my girlfriends PC) it seems to connect but I cannot access the internet. Network Status in the Network part of my System Preferences reports that "Airport is connected to the network Chinaunicom_C303" (The default SSID that our Router Broadcasts)

I am not sure if it is related but when I connect to the internet using Ethernet it also seems fine with Network Status reporting that "Built in Ethernet is currently active and has the IP address You are connected to the internet via Built-in-Ethernet." but again I cannot connect to the internet

I have not tested whether I can access the router settings and turn of encryption and see if it works then. The reason I have not done this is because I cannot as yet understand the Chinese that all my router/modems setting are written in! I may be able to do this with my girlfriends help but I was wondering if any of you folks had a solution from the mac end.

Does anybody want to help me tackle this problem? Any help much appreciated, thank you in advance

I am using MAC OSX 10.4.11
with Wireless card "Airport Extreme" with Firmware version 1.4.4
(incidentally I haven't tried updating this as I assumed my mac keeps all these thing up to date automatically)