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    Go from 10.6.1 to 10.5 Dualadapter not working
    I have 10.5 on an external hard drive, but when I click the icon to run it, it restarts the macbook pro and then does nothing. I think I have a partition on the macbook, don't understand what to do. Do I need to burn 10.5 install DVD to a CD?

    I just want to go from 10.6.1 down to 10.5, because my current OS will not work with Dualadapter card reader.

    Thank you.

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    I think you need to back up a few steps...and explain the problem is & what you're setup is.

    You missed a lot of details in your post.. You mention a MacBook Pro, a MacBook, an external hard drive...something about a partition on the MacBook...something about burning 10.5 from DVD to CD (which is definitely NOT allowed!)...and something about a Dualadapter card reader.

    Way too many details missing...

    - Nick
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    I recently upgraded to snow leopard, i don't know what i did with my leopard install dvd, but i got a back up of it on an external hard drive. when i click to install the leopard version it won't let me because there is this upgrade called snow leopard that i bought from the apple store that doesn't work with my P2 card read made by dualadapter that i also bought not knowing there were no updated drivers for snow leopard when working with the dualadapter. now i am 100 dollars out, plus what i paid at apple for snow leopard. thanks. sorry, just don't know what i did with the install dvd that came with my macbook pro.

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