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    Can I use Snow Leopard to install a OS on a mac?
    Hi there.

    My Macbook hard drive has broke. I have got a new one and I was wondering is the Snow leopard disc all I need to get up and running again?

    P.S. Sorry if this sound a little dumb.

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    As far as I understood from the Mac Genius at my local store is that there is the SL Update and the complete SL disk. If you bought the update, you can only use it as an update and need the original OS X install disc to install it.

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    The upgrade SL disc can be used on its own to re-install the OS. I have done it and it works fine. You don't need the Leopard disc.

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    Brilliant. I have lost the the original OS X disc that came with my Macbook. It was the 1st model of MacBook that came out. I upgraded to snow leopard recently and two days ago my hard drive made some strange clicking noises. (it has been dropped a number of times). I have been told by a offical Apple repairer that the hard drive has died. They want £178 to put a new hard drive in, which I think is a bit too much so I have brought a new hard drive to do the replacement.

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