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    AD upgrade broke login to Macs
    My school has up graded AD 2000 to AD 2003! Before this upgrade we had one AD user account to login to windows and macs. Since the upgrade no one can login to the mac network. I can see all the windows groups and accounts in WGM OSx 10.4.10.

    We get an error "you are unable to log in to the user account (account name) at this time", the login error occures accessing the users home folder on an AFP share or SMB server.

    We've tried rebooting the server & restarting the AFP service, also there is an error in the AFP log "logout" -5023 0 0.

    can anyone help!!!!
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    I would try going to directory utility on a client and remove the open and active directory bindings and then add back active and see if I could log in using an active directory user account. - per apple admin

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    Thank you, I will try that today.
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    Closer than you think.
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    You also need to disable SMB signing on the DC through group policy. This was implemented in W2K3. OS X 10.5 supports SMB signing but I don't think 10.4 does.

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