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    want to put backed up info onto my new macbook pro
    hi i just backed up my macbook air to an external hard drive with time machine... i want to put all this info onto my new macbook pro. i know it can be done when you are first configuring the mac but i have already configured before i wanted to transfer info. is there any way i can now as my macbook air is having problems atm? or will i have to re-install osx? also will things like itunes iphoto be exactly the same transfering all info from one mac to another or will i have togo through my tracks and photos putting them into folders?

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    As far as putting files and applications onto your new MBP, read these instructions from Apple's support page.

    Whatever "folder arrangement" you had your music and photos in should be preserved when transferring from your external drive to your new MBP. I haven't personally done it but logically, I can't think of any reason it would alter it when you move them onto your MBP.

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