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    Angry all my desktop icons are gone from the screen and my Mac is frozen
    Tried to load some photos in iphoto, kept saying uploading which it never did, now all my desktop icons are gone from the screen, the programs that were open still show open but when I click on them they dont do anything. I can open other programs..safari etc, but when I try to force quit, log out or shut down nothing happens. had to remove battery to power down. When i reinstalled the battery it came back to the same situation, screen saver on, nothing on my screen(files etc all missing), dock shows.

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    G;day sydney and welcome to the forums.

    First up try a reboot, an d if problemn persists go to Disk Utility and run reapir Permissions . If still no joy boot from your install DVD holding down 'C' after the chimes, go to utilities > Disk utility > Repair Disk and see what is reported.

    By the way, you are not really using OS X.0 are you as it was a pure beta release for testing only?

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