Hey all, slightly strange issue I'm having atm...

I'm running an early quad mac pro and 10.5.8, and I'm trying to access data on a brand new macbook pro running 10.6.1. I use the mac pro solely for pro tools work, with a firewire based mbox2pro.

I plugged the two computers together using a firewire 800 cable, and start the macbookpro in target disk mode. As soon as it appears in the finder my audio stops working (I don't know if the internal audio stops, but all audio through the mbox fails disappears - no errors.

Presumably this is a problem with firewire, and the 2 things getting mixed up (although I'm sure I haven't had this problem with other external hard drives...).

Any ideas? I'm trying to access sounds on the laptop, and I obviously can't audition them without a sound card!