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    Question Leopard and SL dual boot
    After struggling with video playback issues in Snow Leopard I rolled back to Leopard 10.5.8

    I am hoping an update to SL like 10.6.2 will address the video playback.

    Now that I have Leopard, I was wanting to install SL and use dual boot to periodically check if the update to SL fixed my issue.

    What are the steps I need to take? Currently there is no partition on my hdd and Leopard has it all. Do I go in Disk Utility, create partition, then boot using the SL dvd and install SL on the newly created partition? Would that work?

    Mucho thanks

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    The best way in my opinion...

    Is to purchase an external hard drive (they're inexpensive) and install Snow Leopard to it clean. Use your current backup to install all your apps to the SL drive or do a migrate. Then instead of having to partition your internal drive and dual booting, all you have to do is attach the external with SL and boot the machine from it.

    When the time comes to using SL on a permanent basis, just clone the external drive to the internal and you're in business. Then use the external as a Time Machine drive or for other backups.


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    Thanks chscag

    That seems like a good idea. I do have an unused external drive perfect for this experiment.

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    yeah, you can install to a USB Hard Drive or another partition. Make sure if you are installing 10.5 to a USB Hard Drive and have an intel mac that you format the USB hard drive as a GUID partition (in disk utility of course). Then when you want to boot off it, hold down the option key after you power on your mac and it'll let you choose which device you want to boot off of.

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