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    Will Snow Leopard make my computer run cooler?
    I have a MBP - 2GB RAM (max for this model) and 160GB HD and I am running Leopard 10.5.8.

    This system runs HOT!
    According to "temperature monitor" application, the CPU cores run around 65c until I start to use a CPU intensive application (E.G.: VMWare Fusion) - then it spikes to 90c and runs around 80c for hours at a time.
    When I quite the application, it drops back to around 65c.

    This sounds stupid, but:
    If I change to Snow Leopard, will the 64-bit'ness of the OS and using true 64-bit apps lower the stresses on the CPU?

    I'm thinking 64-bit means fewer instructions, fewer instructions means more efficient processing, more efficient processing means less stress and less stress means lower temperature.

    Anyone want to comment?

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    Is that the only reason you should upgrade to SL??
    How about the fact that it frees up more than 6 GB of HD space.
    And the fact that it just runs smoother.

    I always say: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    At least it won't get worse...

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    That's normal for the CPU to get that hot, especially when you are running a Virtual PC, or anything that is CPU intensive.

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    And to add to what Crimson said..... Snow Leopard is not going to make your machine run any cooler. Buy a notebook stand or a cooler type stand. That will help somewhat.


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    It's very possible that if your fans have been clogged, they need to be cleaned by using some compressed air. You can gently blow out the dust from inside your MBP while it is off to help clear out some dust from the fans.
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