Will a full restore from Time Machine include the file permissions that are set on some videos that I want to go away?

It all started because I was trying to delete some videos in the root of my 500GB HD that would not go away. No luck changing permissions, but I think that started my problem because I used the terminal key sequence.

Fortunately I had done a full backup on my 2TB Time Machine just prior to shutting down the machine. Restarting after that began this ordeal!

Grey screen, chime, and then turns off.

I have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions (I've been searching this forum for 8 hours today). I can see the safe mode texts, until it says CPU HALTED, then the Power Off happens. Is there a "pause" button so I can read?

My better half is mailing me all my Apple disks from SC. I am in Kuwait.

When I get MY disk (not a fellow Apple owner's) Should I try the PWR-C after chime and try to run Repair Disk before trying to restore the entire disk from Time Machine?

I had tried to repair permissions yesterday, but got an error message on a couple of files that I did not recognize.

My concern is that if I restore from Time Machine, I will simply put myself a few hours before the crash.

My MacBook Pro is 3 months old, 8GB Ram, 500MB, updated to Snow Leopard in September, and it runs Vista Ultimate 64-bit in Fusion wonderfully (for my antenna simulation software).

Any Thoughts?
RF Engineer, MAC noob