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    Starting Trouble with Leopard

    Till very recently my system worked very well. One day it took a very long time to boot. After about 30 minutes it took me to the login prompt, I could login but after that, the default Leopard wallpaper appears and I get the message that Application Spotlight has quit unexpectedly and it gives option of Ignore, Report or Relaunch. Choosing any options does not change anything. Spotlight keeps quitting.
    I tried the single user mode and ran fsck from with write permissions. fsck finds errors but says it was unable to repair the disk. When I boot from the install DVD, and try the Disk Utility, it does not give me any options to verify the disk, or repair. If fact none of the options are selected. When I try to install it again the partition in which I have installed OS X is not visible only the other partition is visible.

    I did not do any upgrades at least a week before this happened.

    Please help.



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    If you don't properly provide us with the specs of your machine, there's no way for us to determine the right way to handle or solve these issues you're having.

    Post back with the specs plz

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