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Thread: Alert Title?

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    Alert Title?
    Hello. I came across this upon installing Garageband Jam Packs 2-6. Each time I got this pop up "Alert Title, Alert: Something Happened" Then 2 buttons one for cancel and okay. I checked for solutions on apple website and it just mentions to go to system preferences->accounts->log in items and delete alerts but there is nothing there when I check. How can I get rid of this? Anyone else encounter this?
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    I am having the same error and like you I found only that mention of deleting the alert file which for me is not there. It might have something to do with the fact that the recommendation I found was for Final Cut, not Jam Pack. Perhaps this is a different "Something Happened" than with Final Cut.

    If someone out there knows how to resolve this issue, please reply to this post. I really need to install this for a project I'm working on.

    Perhaps there's a way to simply get the files out of the install CD manually? I'll try anything at this point and searches on the web have yielded no solutions.


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